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Tina Marte

Tina Marte

Fun Fact Sheet

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Fun Fact Sheet

  • Tina helps other Authors see their potential during her day job

  • She is fluent in 3 languages, and conversational in 2 others.

  • Her culture and heritage is important to her. She will always feature bi-racial or latinx protagonists in her books. 

  • Bathtubs are her favorite place to read

A Bit About Tina

Tina began reading from the age of 12. Her first love was a broody fae from a YA Fantasy by Julie Kagawa, one of her favorite authors of all time. She wrote to escape her life, and often times was lost in imaginary situations. Reading is a sacred place for so many. Because of that, Tina helps others bring their worlds to the public. Now it's time to make her dreams come true. 

She's writing the book she wants to read, and she hopes everyone shares her passions. When she's not writing or editing, she is scrolling through Tiktok or playing video games. 

A Whisper In the Night is her debut New Adult Dark Fantasy. 


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